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FAQ >> Learn Malayalam

Malayalam Tutorial

Its great that you have decided to learn Malayalam, one of the four ancient Dravidian languages in south India. Few important points we wish to make are
  1. Malayalam is read in the same way as it is written.
  2. Malayalam has separate set of character for:
    1. Vowels
    2. Consonants
    3. Half tone - "Chillu"
    4. Dependent Vowel Signs
    5. Digits, Numerics & Fractions
    6. Virama, Date Sign and other various Signs
    7. Combination Letters
  3. Most Malayalam characters are written single stroke. i.e. to write a character, we start at one point and end at another, without taking pen from paper.

Let us start with Malayalam vowels first. Then we can learn consonants, half tones (chillus), Combination characters and numbers. As all of you know, shortcut to success is hard work. Unlike other tutorials online, we are here with a tutorial for serious learners who are really interested in Malayalam. So the tutorial is bit elaborate and we don't guarantee to teach you Malayalam in 10 days or less.

Unlike English, Malayalam characters are written on 'double-line' papers for learning purpose. i.e. a paper with two adjacent parallel line as the characters should touch both upper and lower line. some symbols may go over or below the lines and you can view images to see how its written.

Let us start with vowels. Click here to start.

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